Will you not talk to a girl until she is graduated from HS if you're in college?

I'm just curious-There is this guy I met at a college discovery weekend. There was a big pool party, a lot of flirting, and for a week after we messaged back and forth on FB. I told him my data plan on my phone was running out and he should text me and I sent him my number and for about three weeks I received no response, however I know he saw the message. Today, he messaged me asking if I had graduated yet, I said not until the end of the week, and then he stopped messaging me again. I know I'm reading WAY into it, but is it because he is uncomfortable texting someone still in high school while he is in college? he is going to be a junior next year and I will be a freshman at the same university. I'm just curious if this is a typical thing for guys.


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  • It must be really that. He's conscious of age gap differences.


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