He wants me 4th date, but I don't hear from him?? should I call? please help?

he went on a 10 day business trip...emailed me tues. I replied wed. on thurs. in his email, he asked to see me on Sunday (today) ...the emails were sweet and light hearted as well as with some teasing/flirting...

told me he will be back Saturday evening...i haven't heard from him...i said I will be available after 2pm...

should I text him soon? or let it be? it will be our 4th date..please help...all three dates have been great fun and exciting...


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  • honesty, if you agreed to the date, there's no more " I feel like I'm pursing him...". He's already got you down for that date. Just text him, but show no insecurity. Don't be like hey are we still on, or are you back? it may come off needy, and like you are too unsure and don't trust him etc. What I find works, is text him and just say hey how's your day going? or something casual that doesn't refer to the date. If he's interested enough, he will respond and bring it up again. Good luck!