Did something really stupid and don't even like the guy, what to do?

Met a guy, flirted back and forth but felt like he was just interested in me psychically not my persoanilty. Called it quits but couldn't stop thinking about him. 2 weeks after no contact I text him randomly out of the blue because I liked the attention he gave me, even though I know he's not anything long term and I'm not into ONS.

I have no idea why I text him in the first place and now I feel like a bigger idiot if he doesn't text back and if he does text back I'm not sure I even want to speak to him.

What should I do? Why am I feeling like this? I know he's not really good news, but don't know him that well, just the vibes he gives off.


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  • I hate to say it but some girls are just attracted to the jerks in this world. They appear confident and cool... cool enough to even ignore you.

    Methinks you may have simply liked the attention from a (possibly good looking) guy who- despite that fact- is the very last thing you would ever want for bf- or ANY friend- material.

    Those kind of guys are simply bad news- but they're uncomplicated... and maybe they give you some sort of confirmation you may crave just a little... plus some (short sighted) attention. In the end you'll be let down... since any guy like that has the emotional depth of a piece of paper... a pretty bad investment, really.

    Still... they get plenty of play, these guys... lots of the time... so... what's up with that?

    • TBH his depth (emotional and everything else) is less than a piece of paper haha!

      You're right I have no clue why I did it, seriously need to move on.

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  • I would say that you know the answer already.

    He sounds like a guy who probably had his hands full already with girls (and l mean this plural). Either this or he's just playing it very cool... which tends to drive some girls pretty crazy.

    You like his attentions because you are seemingly attracted on some level. Still, he already appears to be bad news in the end- and he probably is.

    If he contacts you... you have a choice as to whether you decide to actually carry through and go out with him. You know where it will probably lead... and you also know the likely outcome... later.

    If he fails to contact you in any reasonable amout of time- you might just consider it a happily dodged bullet and move on to something far healthier in the end.

    Even moths can decide whether to fly right into the flame... or not.

    • I know he's a player, and I'm not going to text him back. I don't know why I did contact him again,thats what I'm confused about lol. Thanks

  • How do you know he's only interested in you physically? If I like a girl a lot I will eventually crumble and text her first and initiate contact...maybe wait and see if he'll contact you first. While I do find it annoying that the guy has to make the first move its just the way things are generally. But that's just me. All the best :)

    • His text msgs where all about my face/body, compliments about my face/body. My personality never came into the equation. Wanted to hold my waist/hand when we met, quite physical early on. He did used to text me first, but once we ended it, I'm into him and not at the same time and I don't know what I'm doing TBH, I'm not sure if I like him or just the attention he gave me.

      Now I've text first after no contact for two weeks I don't know why I did so now?

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    • No we haven't had a chance to speak properly because we've never had a convenient time, so he suggested a date, I couldn't do it and then he said leave it and I agreed then it ended.

      I think I basically want closer and its not happening, or maybes its happened and I've read it wrong?

      Ah OK, well all you can do is ask her if she wants a date or something? Then I'm sure you will know your answer :)

    • *closure.

  • I'm not very wise so here are a few choices I came up with

    1. Don't give him any signals if he does text back just talk to him like a friend and if he doesn't text back just forget about him. Who knows he might end up as a good friend.

    2. You can just tell him you're not interested if he gives any more signs

    3. (I wouldn't do this but) You can lie yourself out of it and if you can say you sent the text to the wrong person?

    In any case unless you you flirted in the text just one text isn't that big of a deal.

    • It's like I'm in two minds I want to talk to him and don't at the same time?! its weird.

      No the text was specifically for him haha! Can't do no.3.

      No.1 is good thought I'd treat him more like a friend.

    • you'll just have to see if he sends a text back, then you might be able to tell if you actually want to talk to him or not

  • if you are asking for solution .. you said that you don't wanna text him back so if he texts you back don't reply .. if you wanna analyze the situation you did a mistake because you were craving his attention and you shouldn't do that again with any guy since you learned your lesson .. problem solved

  • -_- relax, you've just made steps to contact him that's all. You're curiosity took over your brain functions and is literally spreading inside your blood stream like Oxygen during good workout session.

    • But I don't want him to think I like him more? haha! I know its immature, feel stupid.

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    • What if it does? Did you think about that?

    • No, gotta have low expectations to make myself feel better so if he does then its a better feeling lol.

      How long do guys take to reply, if you know he's read the msg? That's what is bugging me he has indications on his phone to let people know if he's read the message and he has read my msg, so obv he knows the ball is in his court, which is annoying :/

  • You are not in control of your own mind - stop texting or get rid of that stupid phone altogether before you make a fool of yourself. Maybe you are an idiot. Accept that. You are emotionally stranded. Like a void. Vibes are fantasy. Ignore that.

    • Ouch that's really mean, I want advice not an attack. I already know I've made a mistake!

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