What is my status with her? friend? more?

first off I asked a few questions about this..i figure I would just update it and get more persepctive.

we went on 4 dates alone. we kissed on all dates. we did not kiss on date 4.

i have met a friend of hers already.

Date 4 wasn't going to happen as she was tired but then changed her mind and we met.

Right before date 4, she needed something for her home so we stopped and she bought it.

She offered me game tickets she had because she could not go.

I was invited over her place to help her with something out ( I could not go because I was working)

Basically am I good friend to her? is this the steps to a relationship?


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  • you're dating, just go with the flow dude no need to label anything yet. Chill out!


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  • You both are definitely dating.

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