I am confused about whether I should stay or leave

I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and we have been living together for one year. I do not feel miserable but at the same time I am not happy. We barely do anything together anymore all he really wants to do is play video games and drink and when we do hang out we just watch TV or a movie at home. I try to get him to do stuff but the most I can ever get him to do is go to dinner maybe one night. I feel comfortable with him and I know he wouldn't cheat on me but at the same time I do not feel like he cares about what I want we are always doing what he wants. One of my guy friends recently told me that he has feelings for me and that he doesn't think my boyfriend is right for me and he believes that we are supposed to be together. He said that he has felt like this for years but just hasn't said anything. I used to have a crush on this guy but he was always dating other people when I was single and at this point I do not know how I feel about him. Part of me feels like I would like to give that a try. At the same time I feel so guilty for even considering this while I have a boyfriend. I have never cheated on a guy and this almost makes me feel like I am. It makes me feel like maybe I shouldn't be with my boyfriend if I am even thinking this way. I just do not want to make any decisions that I will regret. What do you think I should in this situation? If I do break up with him should I pack up my things before or after talking to him? Should I tell him about my guy friend? He knows him and I don't want to hurt him but if I do date him I don't want him to hear about it from other people. My boyfriend keeps talking about marriage lately and I just don't want to marry him unless I am positive. I also don't want to hurt my guy friend by making him think there is a chance and then end up wanting to be with my current boyfriend. I am so confused!


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  • You should really break up with him. Your relationship is already falling. Pack your things up after talking this out with him.


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