If his heart is not in it then why does he still want to hang out?

What's even more odd is that he tried to kiss me on the lips when we met up after breaking up!

We knew each other for a year before dating only five or six weeks. He was the first person I dated after ending an eight year relationship really thought we had something. He's a grad student with a part-time job and quit his job after we started dating only one week so 'he could spend more time with me'.

During week five he said he had a lot going on in school. So I kept my distance not to interfere. We saw each other For three short visits that week all of which did not involve sex. Then the next time we saw each other he said his heart wasn't in it and he didn't want to waist my time! That while he was studying he didn't think of me and usually when he's dating someone he can't stop thinking of them. And with me it's just not the case.

A week later he wants to meet at the dog park ( we both have dogs) and I do. When he greets me he tries to kiss me on the lips! Then when we conclude the visit he mentionsdog park next week!

I'm confused and can't stop thinking of him.

What do you guys think happened? Did he meet another girl at school?

Oh, it's note worthy that I am 31 and he is 27.


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  • It seems that he still want to be with you.

    • Yes I agree but what's with the whole break up? Is cause we didn't have sex those three short visits? We don't see each other nearly as much anymore...do you think he's seeing someone else?

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  • He is just thinking about what he really wants probably.


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  • If he wants to hang and you don't mind his company then be friends. A friendship is always best to have before a relationship. He might want to get to know you instead of committing to a boyfriend girlfriend title. Only kiss him if you feel the moment is right. But for now no kissing.