Why would a guy bother contacting someone he dated?

IF he didn't care for her or had anyy feelings ?

My good friend is going trough a dilemma where, her first of all great friend of 3 years suddently ignored her for another girl, and the worst part is that they were on and off for 3 years and when he finally moved to the same town they got more serious and dated for few monts, than he suddently ignored her, and bam in a rel with his old high school friend, very strange

and they broke up after 4 weeks

than now after 7 months he contacts her, and before that he suddently would like her new pic on fcb, and he one day writes her on fcb and askes her how she's doing, if she's dating anyone, tries to remind her of things they did old jokes, but she kept being cold to him, and weird part is that he is dating a new girl, he said they are just good friend at he moment but maybe more later on,

im thinking OK man if you are over her you wouldn't have contacted her, so

guys out there what is yiur opinion? He by the way also said I really want you as my friend, it always begins with friendship?... Than leads to more?

She was very cold towards him and he noticed, he didn't say congrats to her a week after their conv.. Jerk

What does he want? And should she congrat him on his birthday? She does miss him


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  • What the guy below says. That is what I am thinking.

  • That's just so that he will preserve the friendship they share.

    • so he just wants to be friends? And so does she, so should she say happy b day to show him she's not bitter and mad at him?

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