Does she indeed like me ? Signals incredibly mixed...

Last year I met this girl in a seminar I was taking . She seemed really nice , we had common interests and we hit it off right away . We talked only in the seminar though . So , at the end of it I told her we could go for a cinema and watch a movie . Unfortunatelly I also added that she could bring a friend and so she did . We watched the movie , it was fun , we went out for a cofee afterward ( couldn't do anything due to the friend being there ) then we left . Next day I call her and ask her if she would like to go out with me again . She told me she had studying to do and sounded rushed to close the phone . I assumed that she was just not into me and decided to move on . She did seem to have fun during our date though .

A month later (July 2012) she sends me a text message saying "Hi ! how are you ? ". I was extremelly surprised because I thought she wasn't really interested anymore and a whole month had passed . So we started chatting daily all throughout the summer . We couldn't meet due to our holidays being very inconvenient . One thing I noticed was that after 10-12 or so messages she would always have to go . Found it a bit peculiar , so moving on . One day I send her a message and the cellphone says it was received . She didn't answer . Same thing goes some days later but no receive notice . I thought she lost her cellphone or something , didn't pay much heed . When I asked her later this year why she had stopped , she told me she broke her arm , which is a terrible excuse .

Then , on September of 2012 just a week before our seminar starts again I send her a message and she replies . We didn't chat long though , so again I guessed that she lost interest. Fast forward to the end of the seminar on April 25th this year . During the previous year we did some casual chatting and not flirting so much . She told me earlier this year she had a Facebook adress so I added her there as well , but never talked to her . I mustered up my courage and told her that we should go out again sometime soon , just like we did last year and I proposed the coming Saturday . She said shed love to , but she had a concert to play in for that day , to which she invited me .

When I arrived at the concert she immidiatelly dropped conversations with her friends and focused only on me . We walked around and chatted until it was her time to go up on stage . Later we talked a bit , we hugged and we left . Bare in mind , physical contact is not a taboo , we tease each other all the time , and we occasionally hug .

2 days passed and I decided to visit her at her school . She was pleasantly surprised to see me ! She gave me a tour of the place and again focused all her attention on me . After a while though she told me to go , seeing that this was exam week and she wanted to concentrate . 45 minutes later she calls me saying sorry for the abrupt leave and she hopes I didn't mind .

Now she's in another country till the 13 and I can't call her . Any thoughts on the situation ?

A little fill in .

The day before she left we talked on the phone for 40 min or so . She seemed pleasant and enjoying the conversation . After we hang up with her saying she has to go to sleep , I open up Facebook and see her online . I talked to her but the answers came a bit late , which lead me to believe she was speaking with friends . Still I find it peculiar , but maybe I'm making a big deal out of it :/
Gah , I'm an idiot , I'm just going to post this on the Dating section , sorry for the trouble !


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  • You should just wait for her to come back ,and ask her out to date again.

    She's definitely interested in you.


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  • most cases...if they're interested...everything will seem clear...and easy...noth confusing and a struggle.

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