Do I need a strong reason for girl to date me or is me liking her enough?

i feel like there isn't any strong or complelling reason for this girl to date me but I really like her . but I was thinking about things and the reasons aren't very good for her to date me . I though some of the reasons were geography as were both from same small town , I found her physically attractive which just about every guy is going to as she's good looking and there's no significant event for me to need a date for to ask her out on .

i'm thinking she's just going to think I want to hook up with cause she's hot and there isn't really a good reason for her to say yes . I don't know do I need a better reason or should I just go for it anyways


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  • i think you think too much and blabber on and on...

    no but for real, just stop over thinking it. you either like a girl or you don't simple. don't try to justify reasons. if you like someone, ask them out go out on a date and get to know each other simple.

    also make it clear to the person if you a relationship type of guy or just looking for sex kind of guy. so they know what to expect, if theyre interested that is..

    • yeah I do agree I've over though this one , I think I want a relationship but one with sex , but I admit I'm not big on relationships but do one with her

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  • Tell her you want a relationship and you like her for who she is and not just her looks.


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  • funny, I do think most guys think that liking a girl is a good enough reason for her to reciprocate, it is so weird the deep down we think that way, obviously is pathetic, but at the same time it has a level of narcissism in it, which is a good thing.

    If you think about it, guys think that by giving a girl compliments, saying to love her, etc.. In other words by showing liking, it is assume that they doing something for her. And if you think about it, you are not doing sh*t, you are not offering anything, yet think you are.

    My guess is that back in the day when we lived in caves, we all come from the guys that were boss, equivalent of kings, and that just by saying to a girl we like her, you are offering automatically higher status among the tribe, protection and kids with a future.

    I imagine the bosses were the most likely to pass the genes, while the other guys were wiped out, so is fair to say that most of us guys come from royalty and assume unconsciously the same status. However we fail to see that we are not kings anymore and that we do not offer all those things our ancestors did.

    It is like we have a battle of the kings. I think the trick is to convey girls of the qualities they recognize as king like, since I imagine they also have genes that respond to some kind of king like behavior.

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