Honestly I don't know what to do!

So before judging just think that we are have or will go trough this at one point in our lives

A guy I met online 3 years ago on a dating site , him and I began dating but sadly he had to move because he decided to join the army. This didn't stop us from talking and we did and maybe 2 times we met and went on date. I fell in love with him and considered him as my best friend.

Than slowly over time the love faded and we got busy and he didn't talk to me as often, and I got sad and mad, cause we were planning to meet and he didn't show up and broke my heart, therfore I got mad and said a lot of mean things to him, so he deleted me on Facebook but after one month added me again, but we didn't talk, until he one day contacted me and wanted to meet, and we did and had sex for the first time, he than went back to the army and was busy again and we didn't talk, and I was still mad and upset, than he contacted me once the bombing happened here in our country asking if I was OK, and from that day we talked very often, and this time he had moved back home.

Things went great from about one and a half, and he moved back to my town and we dated and were very happy, than one night at his place, things went great , he asked me to stay the night but I went home, and since than he stopped talking to me, than 4 weeks ish later he was in a relationship with a girl from back home, they broke up one month after.

NOW 6 months later he begins liking my fcb pictures and randomly contacted me saying how he really wants me as his friend, how things went suddently wrong and we lost contact, and he asked if I was dating others , and he is dating a girl now but he said their good friends at the moment,

here the other day I re opened my old dating profile, than went on yesterday and there he was on that site again looking for love..

SO I know it sounds like he is a douche bag , and yes he can be but there were more happyness than sadness, he really is a loving guy and his basically a great friend of mine,

I don't want to date him again but I do want to be friends like before, so should I say happy birthday to him to show him I'm not bitter and mad?


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  • This is high school drama.

    If he liked you like you like him, he would be with you. He clearly doesn't and is just looking for a girl to bed down with. You were that girl one night. The time you left, you weren't and he got mad and went looking for someone else.

    Wish him Happy Birthday if you like, but find another man to make happy.

    • well "that night"? I stayed over at his place like hundred of times, but that night was the last time we hang out

    • Incidental. The answer is still the same. You stopped putting out and he got out. Find yourself a better man.

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  • It sounds like you're upset with him. Go ahead and tell him happy birthday, but if you feel like he's jerking you around, it isn't OK. Don't pretend like everything's great if it isn't.

    That said, it sounds like what he really needs right now is a friend. Go ahead and tell him happy birthday. He'll appreciate it.

    • why do you think he needs a friend?

  • You should just greet him with happy birthday, and don't contact him again. Don't let your heart be troubled by him again.


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  • If the question is should you say happy birthday to him? Then yea. Why not. I had a friend who was jealous and a complete douche bag when it came to me and other guys since he had a serious thing for me. He and my current boyfriend got into it a few times then he and I tried to make things cordial like we were friends again but it didn't work out. So to show him that I'm not bitter and that he's the only one acting a fool I act like things are normal. I'll say hello if he's around and say happy birthday if I see him. I deleted him off my Facebook though and don't text him either.

    • so I should say it? To show him I'm not mad etc? He didn't say it to me a month ago

    • Just do you boo :) Say it if it makes you feel good. But don't expect anything in return..and don't bother with him. If he contacts you make it short and sweet but other than that he should be a complete stranger. No need for unnecessary drama.

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