What Do I Do With This Girl?

Im a male and I don't know what to do...

CLIFF: (Read the whole thing to understand everything that happen better)

-I start talking to this girl while she had a boyfriend.

-She breaks up with him for me, tells me how much she loves me and how she never felt like this before.

-She is is everything I want in a girl, treats me good and its always texting me and giving me attention

-Her mom finds out she was talking to me, her mom thinks I'm a bad influence cause of my FB and cause she saw a text of us sexting.

-She gets grounded, and her phone taken away. Still talks to me behind her moms back. She gets caught talking to me again.

-Again she is grounded but she keeps talking to me, after a week she tells me she talked to her mom and everything is okay.

-She starts acting weird and being distant with me.

-I found out she was lying about everything (read the lies part to know what they where)

-I put her on blast on FB, her parents and even the cops are called (I know it was stupid to do this and I'm terrible sorry for doing that)

-They tell me not to talk to her again, but know that I don't have her I realize how much I loved her, how muvh attention she gave me, I really miss her a lot.

Then like 2 weeks later I text her from my friends phone telling her that I missed her and I still had feelings for her even after everything that happen, this is what she reply...

Her: "After you did what you did to me that posted those pictures of me for everyone to see, to ruin my reputation, how could you do that to me!?! I cared so much how could you even think of hurting me the way you did! I do not want you to contact me any more, I know you did it!"

(I reply with saying that it was not me)

Her: "Kevin I know it was you, you were the only one that had them.You don't understand the feelings I had for you! They aren't gone and I know they will never be. that's what hurt me the most.

(Again I reply with saying it was not me)

Her: "I can't talk right know my mom is going to change my number right now, just know I know that this isn't over but you hurt me so bad and so much. I hope the future is what I want it to be. My feelings are still the same. I just can't believe you."

After almost 10 days on no contact, I texted her from an app that tells you when people read the text and stuff, telling her that I was sorry and that just a cute goodbye text. She read it and never reply. that's the thing I don't get why did she text me that last week and now when I sent her this she doesn't reply at all. And girls from her school have told me that she always hanging out with her ex now and that there friends again in school. What do you guys think?

And I mean why will she text me the whole "just know I know that this isn't over but you hurt me so bad and so much. I hope the future is what I want it to be. My feelings are still the same" and not reply now that I texted her a cute text and I know she read it

I know what I did was wrong and everything, please I know it was a huge mistake and I'm really sorry, I was jsut not thinking when I did it. But I'm sorry and I know it was a bad movw


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  • Your an idiot, and don't deserve her, you say you love her but end up doing the things you did, I hope your proud of yourself. Her mom saw through you since the beginning and in my opinion did the right thing, I will be very surprised if you get any sympathy from anyone here.

    • Sometimes you need to take responsibility for your actions, what you did was criminal, and the worst thing you can do to someone you allegedly 'love', if anything you need to apologize to her mother. Imagine if someone did that to your own daughter, how would you feel? And don't other even thinking about asking her out, you no longer have any rights to. Apologise properly to them and do the decent thing and jog on.

  • You should just ignore her, and find a better girl. Dealing with her will just cause too much trouble.