I feel like the only women who would date me as to be blind

I don't think I'm good looking enough for a women to date unless she can't see what I look like. I figured if she doesn't see what I look like, we will both be happy. Any suggestions.


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  • you can do what rocky dennis did and go to a summer camp full of blind women.


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  • Judging from your comments on some of these answers, you have a very warped and bitter view of females.

    You believe that it's all about looks and/or money and that we won't date you if you don't have either of those things. This is a complete lie and it's likely you probably also suffer from nice-guy-syndrome by the looks of things.

    All these people are TELLING you that women don't just go for looks yet you refuse to accept this. Why? Because girls won't date you and this is obviously just because of your appearance? In the nicest possible way, grow up a little and try to take these comments. Don't ask a question if you won't accept the answer that keeps getting thrown back to you.

    Plenty of ugly people have partners. Plenty of hot&rich people have partners.

    If you don't think you're good-looking enough, you're probably going to have poor posture and behavior when it comes to interacting with women because you're insecure. Your adamant belief that they're shallow and won't date you will also come into effect and, if shown across, will probably offend the girl. I know I'd be offended.

    Attracting a woman is about more than just looks. And it's more than just about stable income. I earn more than my partner, and though I find him very attractive, I know that he doesn't share my sentiments. I am dating him because he is kind and attentive and patient, knows how to deal with me when I'm mad, is loyal and giving and someone with whom I can be completely myself and open up to.

    Most women are looking for a Prince Charming. Looks are a bonus. He could even be a troll in appearance if his personality and interests are compatible.

    Watch Shrek. Real-life story there.

    • i refuse to sit here and read this nonsense. ITs all Bull.

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    • Women are all greedy, and selfish everything as to be about them. And this whole have faith is such a bunch of bull. Its all about looks and income simple as that. I don't know why its so hard for the female gender to see that, but instead they play the blame game on the males. And those YouTube video's on dating are a joke.

    • Yeh, the problem is definitely you.

  • Even if I was blind, I couldn't deal with a guy that insecure.

    • Unless I had tons of money because after all, what good would looks do if your rich.

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    • First of all, if you can't tell likeable = dates, then I'm questioning your common sense.

      Second of all, you are f***ing insane.

      Third, you're not actually looking for suggestions to improve your "problem". You just want to rant and express your misogynistic behavior .

    • Anytime a women or little girl like you uses the word misogynistic= daddy issues,and feminists which to me are up there with the worst kinds of people like murders and rapists.

  • Why don't you post a link, and let me be the judge of that. You might be deluded into thinking you are ugly, but your actually cuteish.

    • I refuse to show everyone here my pic. If you want to see what I look like send me a friend request. And before you ask that person in My Profile is not me.

    • Cuteish= ugly but make believe the guy is not.

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  • Every person has a different oppinion of what good looks are, but looks aren't everything I've seen plenty of guys that aren't great looking that have hot girlfriends. Have you ever heard the saying that, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? There are more to a guy than looks, sense of humor is a good thing too, but so is confidence! I've not had many girlfriends myself but I don't think it's because I'm unattractive, my deal is I think to much or don't know how to seal the deal.

    • Those guys you saw probably had good paying jobs or were rich. Sorry I don't buy it when someone says looks aren't everything. If that was the case I would have a GF. And I could be funny and bursting with confidence and yet I'm still single.

  • They can read braille by using their hands, so what if she starts examining your face?

  • If that's the confidence in yourself, you should feel that you have nothing to lose.

    Because women don't go for your looks, then approach them as much as possible. Get your confidence to compensate for your looks.

    • Trust me women go for looks. Just because most are afraid of being called a bitch or superficial for admitting it does not make it any less true.

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    • Lol what? Of course not all guys have confidence. That's why we go after the ones who do.

    • And its usually the douche bags, jerks, a holes etc who get the attention. Maybe I should just act like a Tool then.