Do Leagues really exist when it comes to dating?

Do leagues really exist when it comes to looks? I go to a very diverse college, was talking to my friend that's a girl. She wanted to introduce me to a girl but the said she's out of my league. That comment hurt and since then(about a month) I have been going at the weights hard, dieting, and obsessing over new ways to make myself look better. I have also had one ex before and she once thought she was out of my league when we started going out but when we broke up, she said she was scared another girl would get me.

I was always insecure about my height and strength and masculinity but now its this new level of obsession. I have also stopped talking to girls and pursuing them at all because I feel crushed.

So is it true?


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  • I used to think so until I had an experience that changed me.

    I'm 21 and I met a woman who was 31, who looked 25. She had a high paying job, intelligent, a great conversationalist, a perfect 10/10, and seemed like a good hearted person.

    I logged on her Facebook. On her About Me there was a giant 4 paragraph rant about how men are full of bullsh*t and drama and she's sick and tired of it. And I said to myself, wow this chick is nuerotic. But she SEEMED perfect in person.

    • So you are saying that A leaguer's can be terrible people?

    • no. I'm saying that behind what seems to be perfection, there could be an emotional wreck. you can never know till you find out.

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  • They only exist in people's minds. No-one is put into leagues by some higher authority, it's just the person viewing them which does that. They make themselves believe that the person is out of their league and then throw away that opportunity when in most cases, they're just being too harsh on themselves and if they approached that person, they'd probably get a date.

  • Yes they really exist.


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  • They don't exist. That just comes from the confidence and insecurity which emanates from the inside of the guy who's looking at that girl.