Would you see a girl again if she did this? And should I tell him I miss him?

I met this guy on a dating site (I made initial contact) went on three dates with a guy and on the third it got hot and heavy but I didn't sleep with him because I wanted to know his intentions were true. The only thing is I met his mate first before I knew him and slept with him on the 2nd date, but that was all he was after. Guy 2 said he couldn't see me after date 2 because of this but then changed his mind. He's now said after date three he doesn't think we should see each other but can't give me a valid explanation why. Is it because of this?

Also, I miss him so much. Should I text him in a few days and tell him I miss him? Or try something a little lighter.


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  • Try something a bit lighter.

    He's probably kind of turned off that you slept with his friend on the second date, but not him. It doesn't mean that's what he is like too, but he probably feels sort of short changed. He could also be thinking it's kind of weird to be dating someone a friend of his has slept with.

    He doesn't really have to give you a valid explanation if he doesn't want to see you. I'd say try again in a few days with "Want to go out again sometime?" or something to that effect. If he doesn't want to, then cut ties and move on, because that's what he wants.

    • If I had of slept with him, and he didn't see me again where would that leave me. I questioned whether it was a game to him and he just wanted what his friend had and when he didn't get he was no longer interested? Could I have dented his ego further by asking him was he pissed I slept with his friend and not him, because I'd understand if he was and I don't want him to feel inadequate?

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    • Also could there be more to it than "its just how he feels". If his ego is dented or he feels he can't trust me and a bit insecure would that be something he would keep to himself, would he feel less of a man for telling me those things? I asked him if it was a trust thing and was he jealous and he said he wasn't jealous, he knew how to treat a woman but he set me up for a fall suggesting dates and mentioning future plans to just disappear?

    • He'll have to just come around on his own, something he may or may not do. It wouldn't hurt to hit him up again in a week or something and see if he's into giving it another shot. If he isn't, move on.

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  • His buddy got it in after 2 dates, and he can't. As messed up as it is, he's majorly not happy about that.

    Can't really answer the question in your title, because I would never date someone that one of my friends got with.

    • "His buddy got it in after 2 dates, and he can't."

      yeah I forgot that one, but this is a valid point. That's pretty insultive to him.

    • The thing is it was before I met him and I had made a mistake sleeping with his friend too soon and got burned. I was just being cautious second time round, I really like him and I was going to sleep with him once I knew his intentions were true but how do I know that now he's disappeared. I'm thinking he didn't get what he wanted so now he doesn't want to know, which isn't respectful to me. I've explained why I didn't sleep with him, if he liked me wouldn't he have understood?

    • It doesn't matter whether he liked you or not. Some things us guys just simply can't let go.

      Avoid the drama and heartache that will inevitably ensue, and move on,.

  • that would annoy me to date a girl one of my buddies has rammed... it's a turn off.

  • I wouldn't but for the sole reason is that I don't, & won't be with a girl if she's slept with anyone I know...or knew.


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  • I would say JUST MOVE ON.. there is plenty of other guys out there! and here's some advice, try to hold off on having sex, at least after dating a guy for a month or until you're actually officially boyfriend/girlfriend ;)

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