Fixing a friendship with female friend, Contact after one month.

1 month ago I had a argument with a girl I got close too, Basically she's seeing another guy. Been reading a lot into relationships and well the alpha male in doing so I feel more in control then I have ever felt before.

Not looking for anything with this girl as I am talking to others and building confidence at this point in time, Basically hoping to fix our friendship. I'm assuming she is still angry.

Texted her today to test the waters, Me: Hey, How are you? Her: (6 hours later) I'm fine. That was it so the question is how do I get her to talk for some time before seeing one another again hoping to take things really slow. Not bringing up anything that happened one month ago.

Made a funny opener after her text another two word reply then I texted her stating I was a little disappointed in her reply but didn't really care just made a funny comment about it.

I know this may sound corny but I was trying to be funny and stupid.

Me: Hey, How are you? < To plain and boring should have thought that one through

Her: I'm fine. (6 hours later)

Me: Awesome! Just thought I would say aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking sexy ass people! You will be safe, I'm just texting to say goodbye. (Bit out there and childish but also a bit of your not that sexy but I am ;))

Her: Righto bye (40 min later)

Me: You were meant to smile and laugh! Can't say I'm not disappointed, Oh well guess ill take it how it comes ;)

Still learning the ropes and she's the hardest one as she's lost so much interested I'm not sure what to text her or how long to wait chosen not to text for a bit.

Still don't want to see her for a few weeks got some study to do on woman at this point in time =) I hate playing games but also sick of being the needy nice guy!

Cheers guys!


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  • You sound like a great guy, I must admit! She probably did smile at your text but she's just acting angry! If she didn't smile at your text, she's heartless haha!

    I think the best thing you can do is send her another text (a serious one this time lol), apologising for the argument, that you really miss her as a friend, that it's silly to keep the tension going for so long after such a petty argument and you hope that you two can get along again. Girls love it when a guy admits to being wrong so that may work. If after a huge sorry text, she's still sour with you and doesn't seem to care, then you're probably better off giving it more time or just not having her as a friend anymore tbh. I'd personally forgive you and just forget about the past and enjoy the present, but that's me; I don't hold grudges and I think there are a lot of people out there who don't either. I'm sorry you have a friend who holds grudges!


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