I checked my boyfriend. is texting only consider cheating?

I never check my boyfriend phone , but yesterday I decided to check it. Found a conversation that has been going for almos 3 weeks with a girl from his country ( she lives there). He told me it doesn't mean anything ... He was trying to do business with her and his brother and that's why he started flirting because she confused things. He texted he pictures I took of him at the beach or restaurants we went to. I kicked him out of my house he took his clothes and begged me to think about it and that he was willing to do anything. I would have never thought I would be able to forgive something like this and now I'm super confused. I do not knw what to do. I feel like I do not want to lose him but how would I feel with myself if I forgive him?


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  • You're a very stupid girl, who doesn't deserve a relationship.

    • Wow. Why is she a stupid girl. That was harsh. I presume maybe you think she shouldn't be snooping in his phone. I get that, BUT if she didn't do it would she ever have found out any other way and what if the texting escalated to a higher degree or an in person meeting? AND didn't she save herself from possibly getting more hurt in the future if he is so quick to do something like this behind her back. I think this post should say: "Stupid BOY doesn't deserve a relationship"

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    • I don't agree you did anything wrong, these are the things which ends up as cheaters, people don't just instantlynhave sex with each other, when peoplemsay you shouldn't be snooping, why the hell not unless you have somthing to hide? I never locked my phone but my ex did, she thought I couldn't by pass her phone but I did read her dirty msgs and played along with it hoping she would tell me about it, in the end she didn't as she was a coward. Your suspicion payed off, you did nothing wrong

    • REALLY JACK? You have sex with everyone on your phone eventually?

      You f*** everyone you do business with?

      Oh my god, why I don't cut your junk off when you sleep, you rapist!

      Oh, that isn't what you said? I'm just emotionally ranting? Too bad. Apparently we're not interested in what people have done, only what they're going to do in the future IN MY MIND.


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  • Ouch! I lost all my trust in my ex after I found out that he has secretly been talking and even going back to see his ex the entire time throughout our relationship. I forgive him but never ever forget what he did to me.

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