Separated lady says she's happy and not ready to date at the moment...

Is this something she is just telling herself?

Or is she letting the guy know (the guy she is speaking to) not to bother asking her out because she's only going to say No.

Is she pre-emptively letting him down easily, or is she just being uber-careful to weed out guys who aren't serious and get discouraged easily?

She is over 40, 2 children under 8, and separated but not divorced yet.


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  • She could just mean she can't Handel anything seriously at the moment. She's separated..not divorce maybe when she's officially divorced she'll be ready to date again.

    Or, she could be saying reject a guy...letting him down easy. I mean I would say that to a guy I want to date.. I guess to take things slow. If she's over 40 I doubt if she's into playing games to speak. I would take it as if she's trying to weed out the not serious guys. It make sense..judging all she's going through. She can't afford more issues. If it was someone I was rejecting ,she would flat out say she not interested...I would assume


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