Why doesn't he contact me after our first date?

Okay so I met him he waited 3 days to contact me, we talked for about 2days when I initiated a date. I told him a certain time he was about 3 hours late, but I still went ONLY because I didn't want to stay in the house lol. I thought we had a great time, after the movies we sat in the car on my block and talked. We ended up falling asleep, he he never called after. I really thought we had a good time he ever suggested future dates. I know the sexual connection was there, but I told him I don't want this to be a relationship based on sex.

I appreciate the response, sadly I contacted him and he said "Well in my mind I just told myself to slow down a d that's it" I feel crazy because there's nothing to slow down. As much as I like him I'm goingto back away


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  • Maybe he's just not punctual. You know, 3 hrs. late, feeling the vibe you went because you were bored, fell asleep beside you because well ... he got tired and bored ... Yeah. Sounds like heaven.

    • thanks for the response...i understand all of that but he hasn't called since, did I miss something? should I hit him up or just leave it?

  • You got to show patience with us guys. We don't like it when girls are needy.


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