Should I take it as a hint, a game, or go after him?

I've been talking with a guy for a month now. On our first date, it went extremely well. It was actually eerie the things we had in common and during the date he would lightly touch my arm or leg from time to time while talking. Which I thought was a great sign. afterward, I woke up to a text by him everyday! I loved seeing that and conversation through that or phone seemed to come easy.

On our second date though, he just seemed more reserved. We talked and I felt we still had a good connection, we even got into a tickle fight, but something just seemed off. I thought perhaps it was all in my head and let it slide. After all, he did ask when I was free and we set up a day for our third date.

Texting at first was the same, then I began to wake up to no texts, me waiting... till 4 or 8 till he texted me. Some days I thought it was silly to wait and went ahead and texted him first. Only to wait hours for a reply. Then he would just stop replying at night, instead of giving me the heads up that he was going to bed.

Tonight is the night before our supposed date. I texted him, only to have him reply 4 hours later saying is had been taking a nap and was tired. I went to call him shortly after to set up the details of our date...but he never answered.

So my question is this. Should I take this as a hint? Did he somehow lose interest in only a week? If so, why do you think that may have happened? I rarely find a connection like that. Is this a game to try and get me more interested? Or does he want to me to go after him more? Instead of being the normal girl role?


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  • You should take this as a hint to move on because he's not interested anymore.


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  • well I kinda do what he is doing, but not to that extent. in the beginning I will be the one to initiate. Then after sometime I will back off. that's how I can judge how interested she is in me. I would say that if your date doesn't fall through tomorrow then your good. If it does, that's when you have to start and think if he lost interest

  • Go after him and take a chance.


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