Never get a second date..

There isn't much to do around where I live. There's no place to meet girls, so I meet a lot of them online, from facebook.

I'll talk to them for a week or two, and can tell they are into me, then we finally go on a date. I ALWAYS think the date is going well, and that they are interested, most the time I'll even get a kiss or make out with them... but then they never text me back or anything. Even if they kiss me or make out on the date, I rarely get a second date from them.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong? I'm not bad looking but I've only gotten a handful of second dates from all the girls I meet. I'm getting sick of it. I'm not a player, and I'm not playing them, so it really hurts me every time we kiss, and then they never talk to me again. And no I don't have bad teeth or breath. I get tons of compliments at my school about my teeth and such.

The only thing I can think of is that I don't compliment girls to much because I suck at it- it comes across creepy when I try to. I compensate by joking around a lot (saying the exact opposite of compliments), maybe I carry things to far? I don't think I do.. the girls laugh at everything I say.

girls what are some sure-fire things you HATE about a guy or that he does on a date?


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  • It is nice that you kiss on the first date but I think instead you should leave that until the second date. It maybe to much and you maybe taking things to fast for them.

    I would say try just hugging the girl at the end of the 1st date and telling her that you had a nice time and see how that goes. Also how long do you leave it before contacting them again after the 1st date. If you do it really quickly you give the wrong image and come across as desperate and if you wait a long time you make it come across as not being interested.

    For contacting after a first date I would say wait 2 days until after the date before making contact and don't ask straight away about another date. Send a message asking how she is and let her know that you had a great time and see how she felt as well. After that message don't make any more contact until they get back to you and see what response you get before seeing if they would like to do something again.

    When it comes to complimenting a girl. I think if you do it to much it becomes cliche. When you first meet, drop a little compliment saying how nice she looks. Then maybe drop one or two more in the date but don't worry about doing it too much.

    I hope this all helps you. I think you should try the things I've said and see what happens.

    The other thing is it seems like you are trying to hard to get someone and this is rubbing off on the girls and this is another reason why it is not working. Dating is meant to be fun and treated as a game and when you try to hard it does not work because you get your hopes up, start thinking to much and put too much pressure on it. Maybe you need to leave it a while before dating again and stop getting to caught up in it. You are still really young and have plenty of time to date and get relationships in the future. Just go out and have fun with your friends, concentrate on school, keep busy and when the time is right and you least expect it you will meet someone.


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  • You need more explanation. Do you mean they avoid you after a first date? Or do you mean no one asks you for a second date?

    You also have to consider that dating online isn't exactly a good thing in a girls mind. Most people think of it as desperate and are very stereotypical about it. The worse thing I can' think of is that perhaps they kissed you because they were afraid of your reaction if they told you upfront they weren't interested. I know that sounds means but that's a scary scenario that pops in your head when you consider meeting someone online.