Is he into me, or not?

This guy I have been seeing casually used to text me everyday, we had a great first date and I saw him a few times after. However, there was so much texting that on the second date there wasn't much to say, so the conversation dried up. I put it down to a bad date and tried to initiate contact and we had a few conversations for another week, but he seemed distant so I assumed he wasn't interested. The week after he didn't contact me, so I figured I was right about him not being interested. BUT he then started another conversation with me on Monday.

Today, I was coming out of the cinema with my friend and he was crossing the road. I didn't see him till the last moment, but he gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked how I was and then ran off to catch his bus.

Is he into me? Should I text him?


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  • It seems you're just a friend to him. You should definitely text him.


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  • no make him text you first.

    I think he is interested, but not that into it..

    if he was very interested in you, he'd keep in touch with you on regular basis,

    I don't know how often you guys talked to each other before second date, but if he were into you, he wouldn't have left you wondering a week or so what he's up to.