So confused after date.

My mates girlfriend set me up with a work friend of hers for a double date. It went really well. She asked for my number before I could get hers and we kissed and she told me she wishes she could of stayed out longer and wants to see me again. I text her the next couple of days, we just sent a few back and forth. I then asked her does she want to go out again. She didn't reply until 24 hours later saying 'yea sounds good' I waited a few hours and said 'does this time and day sound ok?' Ans two days later she hasn't replied.

Now normally I would be thinking she isn't interested and hasn't got the guts to tell me, but my mate told me she has been telling his girlfriend she likes me and wants to meet up again.

I'm not sure what to think about it, I don't want to text again as that would seem desperate would it not? She may be busy but I'm sure she isn't so busy she can't find the time to respond to a text in 2 days.,


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  • There are a million reasons why someone doesn't text. Not liking you enough to see you again is only one of them. Quit assuming the worst. Especially since your mate tells you that she's still interested.

    Stay cool.

    • That is true, but I asked her on Tuesday does Thursday sound good, in my timezone it's not Thursday evening and no reply, surely if she was going to say yes/sorry no, she would of said before the time in question

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    • I get what you're saying, but you have an 'in' with her being a friend to your bud. For your proposed scenario to come true the following would have had to happen:

      * Girl goes out with you and has a seemingly great time.

      * You text her and she is open to another date

      * She then reconsiders

      * She tells your friend's girlfriend that she didn't really like you but to not tell you the truth

      * The girlfriend tells your friend (who I assume is a good friend who wouldn't lie to you) to lie

    • Ye I would agree that is the most likely situation, Its a shame, I just wish she was honest instead of the silent treatment, quite glad I havnt harrased her

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  • This is why I never ask anyone out using texting. There's too much potential for confusion and misunderstanding. It's great that she's SAYING she's interested, but you should be paying more attention to what she's DOING. What she's doing is NOT responding to your text messages. If you really want to know what's going on, give her a call and ask her out using the day/time/place you previously mentioned in your text message. If she doesn't return your call reasonably quickly or she gives you a response other than an enthusiastic "yes," throw her number away and move on.

    • The doing over saying is very true, However she was Doing a lot of positives things on the date, I've never known anyone so into me on a date, which is why I'm surprised its gone so stale since.

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