Should I tell him I miss him?

I went on a few dates with a guy but it was a bit complicated from the off, but I really felt we were compatible and both said it could have been more, but he said we should leave it.

I know it was only a few dates and usually I don't bother but this one has really got to me.

I really miss him, should I tell him and how or what could I say?


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  • You shouldn't even be trying to go down this road. Why would you want try to stay with someone who does not want to stay with you? Wouldn't it be better to move on and find someone who always wants to be with you from day one?

    • I didn't tell him I missed him, I just text him and made a joke about the weather, he replied "aye haha" I've text him back and asked how he is, I'll go from there and see what happens.

  • You should tell him. Simply saying, "Hey, John, been missing you lately".


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