IS this normal or am I doing something wrong?

I am 17 and he's 16.

I'm a social introvert, and I guess he isn't super extroverted but he seems like he gets with people better than I. Ie he's normal I am not really. I'm blunt, he implies sorta thing.

We've been dating almost a week I guess ( we were friends talking before that of course, known each other a year and half I guess but we were separated for a year and reunited and hit it off kinda fast now that I think about it and all.)

We kiss, cuddle, hangout on weekends, etc. We are very into the same things and well it all seemed to be flowing smoothly but he's sorta being weird, and I don't really understand it. He's my first boyfriend so I have no real understanding of the dating world I guess I just go with what has been feeling right, and its hard to convery emotion for me I guess, I guess I'm still learning what to do. What's weird is kissing came pretty natural for me, and it feels like he puts a lot into it I guess, and I try to match (sounds really lame to me) and he loves to cuddle me I think. It seemed like we had a big spark during last weekend when we first started dating I guess?

The thing is is a couple days ago, he invited me to his school band concert and well it was around his current and some of my old friends (I switched schools, I homeschool) . He chose to hold my hand the whole time, even if I stopped gripping or he'd stay beside me a lot, but yet he didn't look at me too much or he'd go off talking to his friends but its like I was just there beside him I guess?

He did not act PDA which I am glad for but what's weird is that he acts that way around strangers just not friends, but around family he'll kiss me and stuff

, just not around friends?

And when one of our mutual guy friends started talking to me, he held my hand tighter, put his leg against mine a bit more, and kept glancing at me. He also wouldn't let me get a word in edge wise with his cousin, who kept looking down at me.

ANd as stoic as he sorta acted that night, I made him grin really big by saying something sweet to him. I don't know though the whole night seemed weird, I thought we could all hang with his friends but instead we sat sorta alone talking and it was just weird.

I also don't think his mother likes me much, as she ignores me and etc. But it seemed like when we are alone together sparks fly and we really like each other, but otherwise I don't know its weird.

I think he might like hanging at my house more cause we have a bit more freedom I guess, and he likes that.

It might just be different upbringings between us I guess, I really don't know how to explain this. I try not to be clingy, but since I suck with people I worry I annoy people constantly.


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  • How adorable, yall should be in a Disney movie,...haha, OK so this dude is still a bit insecure about keeping you around, hence the whole body language thing, he doesn't want to share you, rule of thumb for us gents, no pda with gfs around the homies, period, so that's my take on that as well, he feels more comfortable around family so he lets the pda go balls to the wall, and of course when your alone things pop of, no one likes peepers and such, but honestly if you aren't sure of what he thinks or wants, just ask him, talk to him, communication is vital, don't have a communication breakdown, otherwise you'll be singing cmmtn brkdwn by zeppelin for a few weeks, being a couple you both should be able to talk about what is going on, to avoid the whole guessing game

    • I think this nearly describes my situation perfectly actually, Being that I was raised to say how I feel and I wasn't really ever good at reading people I suppose. Communication is a need be you are totally right. Not sure why I even get shy around him I guess haha. Thankyou so much wow, this helped and so did the other answer.

    • Your very welcome

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  • It's normal. And you're not weird at all. You're not being clingy.


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  • Well it's your first relationship so everything is gonna seem can pretty much tell he likes you&be gets jealous when another guy tries to talk to you...have you talked to him about any of this? It's kinda hard to meet a guy that will just sit there&talk to you so that's a bonus