Did he really remember, or was I just an afterthought...?

I am in the middle of finals & I was texting my friend about them. I told him how I was so overwhelmed about the one that I broke down in class. Then I go "when you get time, shoot me a message telling me to man up or something lol"

He works for an electric company & goes to school part time - one day a week - apprenticeship sort of thing & he also helps his dad run the family farm, so he's starting to get more busy.

He texted me at ten o'clock that night: "U cried?" & I replied: "Yep" & he goes "Why?" & I go "because..." & I told him what I had in the class and what I needed. He replies: "I've done worse lol" Then I go "Yeah well at least you have you job and farming...night Farm boy." & he ends with "night *my name*"

Total crap...he didn't really care...did he...I wish he would have said "good luck" like he did a few times before or the following day ask how it went...I guess I shouldn't be that mad since he texted me a little at least, instead of not at all! right?

Could a guy be that busy that he doesn't ask, or do some guys not ask stuff like that or does he just reply to my texts just to be nice.

We've been talking for awhile and we tease each other and have funny nicknames for each other...


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  • You over analyzed his texts. He really did care about you.


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