Does anyone else feel very alone in the world and sick of going on dates that don't lead to anything?

I hate dating and the game that goes alone with it. I have gone for more then two years without a boyfriend and its getting old very quickly. I don't get asked out very much and when I do I either don't like the guy much or he does not like me. What can I do I'm so over being alone.


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  • i'm in the same situation I guess I sort of got tired of the dating scene and just gave up after I had been through some serious rejection and heartbreak . nothing seemed to really lead anywhere and I didn't feel any of the girls I was interested in were into me so it wasn't going to lead anywhere .but at the same time as bad is my past experiences were I know that at some point there could be someone for me and eventually a positive relationship might develope . I guess I'm sort of waiting for something really promising but at same time getting tired of being single for so long

  • I feel the same way as you. You shouldn't lose hope. A guy is always there when you're down.


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