I really like this guy who is a bad kisser... what do I do?

so there's this guy and he's really cute and sweet and we have a lot in common, but there are some problems. we are NOT dating but he acts as if I'm already his girlfriend and is extremely jealous. we have been having a fling for a little less then a month now, but I can't physically get close to him. Every time we kiss I feel like he is eating my face and that INSTANTLY turns me off. I always have to wipe my face after because he's sloppy and its a total kill to my vibe. it just makes me not want to kiss him...and I just don't know what to do! lately I've been avoiding him because of it. someone help!


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  • Kissing is an art, just like making love. Each person likes to be touched a very specific way and kissed a specific way.

    The men who know how to kiss generally mimic the woman who is kissing them. If she's kissing soft, he's supposed to kiss soft back, etc.

    However, this is not always the case. Sometimes women want a man to kiss HARD, and her kissing soft is just her being too shy to initiate the hard kiss.

    Yes I have even had women tell me they like the devowering kiss. I've even had women beg me to punch their boobs. PUNCH THEIR BOOBS during sex! Am I going to suddenly start doing this every-time I have sex with another woman from now on?

    NO of course not.

    Telling him and showing him what you like is what you should do. Men are not mind readers.

    We either can guess based on your reaction, and reading your body (because past experience tells us nothing except women have different preferences) So your best option with ANY boyfriend is to show them how you like it.

    OR you can just hope he guesses right which is what most women do.

    Show him and that solves this problem.


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  • I'm not sure the relationship is worth keeping. Him being jealous, and the fact that you are not dating is a bigger issue than his sloppy kissing style. Let the guy go, and save yourself from slobbery kissing.

  • You should stick with him. Also, next time, tell him how you want to be kissed.


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  • Damn, tell him if you wanted saliva all over your face. You would of gotten a dog for that...

    Seriously, let him know and teach him, if he's willing to learn. - It's not too late to train em'.

    If you can't do it, move on. There are plenty of other guys who are really cute, sweet, and in which you have other common interest(s) with.

  • maybe he thought you're dating cause you're already kissing each other? I think it's best that you clarify that to him and instead of avoiding him, let him know and tell him that this is how you want and PREFER to be kissed.