My sister starting to date

my girlfriend recently turned 15. I'm sure exactly, but I think she's starting to have something with a guy. regardless, I need help mostly from girls and guys with younger sisters. I'd kill a person for my sister and always thought I'd be the cool brother regarding this stuff but I think she's too young. I need help handling this situation. Any advice? also keep in mind my parents told her she can't date till she's 16

sh* bad, I meant sister. not gf,


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  • You should really forbid her until she's about 18. It's risky being in a relationship now.

  • That freudian slip where you refer to your sister as your girlfriend in the very first line of your question is all kinds of gross, my man. My suggestion is that you forget about what your sister is doing to some other guy's penis and focus on finding some girl--ANY girl--other than your sister to focus on.

    • lol I thought the same thing. High five to psychology!

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