Ex can't look at me when I'm with my recent. WTF?!

Hello there!

To make a long story short - this guy and I dated for 5 months (3 years ago) and we had an ugly breakup. I found these text messages from some girl on his phone, we had an argue about it and I left.

He totally broke me, I really loved him and it took me forever to get over him. I'm still very sensitive about him, and accepted the fact that he will remain in my heart forever. However, we don't talk. When we see each other I ignore him, and so does he.

Ive been dating my recent boyfriend for almost 2 years. He's amazing to me, and I really love him.

Not so long ago, I went with my boyfriend to a restaurant. The place was quite empty, and we sat on the bar. One hour my ex got in with a date and they were sitting in front of us. My ex wanted to die when he saw we were there, I saw it in his body language. However, he sat next to his girl, turning his face towards her, covering his face with his arm and leaning on it. He was doing anything he could to avoid the look of us.

Why does he act this way? I don't have any problem

to see him hanging around with other girls. When he sees me by myself or with my friends he usually stares. It's been almost 3 years. What's his story?


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  • He's uncomfortable around you for whatever reason. But the past is the past, keep it there.

  • It seems that he doesn't want to do anything with you again.


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