How to get over this? Or should I act otherwise? I am feeling worse and worse...

I’m introverted and shy, but once I get to know someone I am more confident. I tend to be quite depressive and a pessimist as well. I met a guy who is similar to me in these and I thought he liked me. We started to text when he commented and liked a bunch of my posts on Facebook. Once I didn’t understand his comment so I asked him for explanation in a text. Then we texted for 1,5 moths and he told me very personal things about himself. After texting for more than 3 weeks he asked me to hang out with him at his workplace which is a library. I visited him there 3 times. First it was great, but I saw he was nervous: his hands were shaking and he always tried to make me laugh. Next time he was very busy, but he was nice as well. The third time I tricked him a bit and went there 10 minutes before he closed, hoping he’d say we could go somewhere together afterward. Well, he was very busy and he had to leave to his other work so he did not have time. But he asked me questions like when I’m finishing at the uni each day, whether I have lessons on Friday etc. He also old me when he had less busy days and then he had to leave.

After this he didn’t text me on Facebook (we wrote longer letters, and never said bye just answered whenever we were on Fb) and I started to feel very bad. On my 2nd visit I answered his letter in real life to see if he texts me if I don’t. He didn’t. And he didn’t text me after this 3rd time. So I decided to text him. I wrote him that it was a pity he had to leave, it would have been nice to talk a bit and that I was sorry if I disturbed him. He insisted and emphasized I didn’t disturb him. We chatted a bit then I said: I’ve got to go, but in case you’d like to talk, text me. I won’t have time to visit you at the library cause I won’t go to the city that much. bye. He responded okay! why won’t you be in the city? Then we texted a bit more but after my last text he didn’t answer. It was 8 days ago. I saw him at the uni with a girl and ignored him. But he came up to me and told me he was teaching that girl (she was there too). And he liked a photo of me on Facebook, but he rarely likes photos of girls so I found it strange.

I’m more or less getting to accept the fact that he is not into me, but on the other hand I am feeling worse. I am trying to shut those what if---?s in my head but I am getting depressed. I have no answer why the he didn’t answer my text and what should I do. Please help, I am interested in every opinion.

Is he looking at me like a friend or he realized I liked him and this was his way of rejecting me?


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  • if he was texting you all that time he had to be interested, that's not to say he still is, but from my experiences as a guy he most likely still does. I suggest you start saying things like "ooh there's this ice cream place I was looking to try out" or "i want to see that movie so bad" just hint at the idea. orrrrr if he really dosnt get the hint say " you shud take me to such and such movie" or whatever event I'm not really a huge fan of movies. once you get that first date out of the way he will be a lot more likely to ask again because its a lot easier. GLHF!

    • i would try it if he answered my text. he saw it and did not answer. it was 8 days ago if he liked me he would miss me by now and would've texted

    • yeah id say either let it go, or you could just ask him if he feels anything and if not then you just don't have to talk to him anymore.

    • but what could be the reason he just stopped answering?

  • It seems that you're just a mere friend to him by the way he acts.

    • Thanks for the answer! I also think that OR maybe he knows I like him and he rejected me this way?

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