How can I get this girl back?!

I've lived in my current apt complex for almost a year. For the last four months I've had a big crush on a girl in my leasing office; due to their strict rules she isn't allowed to date anyone one of us tenants, even though she is also one. She's always played around and flirted with me, gave me a hard time and in turn I would do it right back. Every time I have seen her she is always at work, until three weeks ago she was beside the pool hanging out with some friends. I was in the gym working out alone, when she came out of her way to come into the gym and walked directly over to me. I knew instantly this was my chance. After five minutes she said she was looking for a new job so I said hey that means I can finally ask you out. She said yeah very enthusiastically and I got her number. I called her the next day on a Thursday, and on Friday she texted me immediately as she left work, that night and over Saturday we exchanged 200+ text messages. We connected better than I have ever with anyone, she even noticed this asking oh my god who are you as the connection grew bigger. I even visited her a couple of times discretely at work just to see her. I was on cloud 9! Everything was beyond great for two weeks, and now I can't even get a hold of her. I've texted her a couple of times and called her once with nothing. During that two weeks I challenged her to a dance video game her daughter has and told her I would kick her butt at it, she replied with oh yeah, well after you can kiss it. She even sent me upwards of nine flirty pictures of her one evening without me even asking! So a week ago on Sunday I was texting her for an hour or so, telling her I'm eating frozen yogurt and I'd bring her a spoonful, she laughed and said I can't her coworker was still with her at work. I told her to tell the girl to leave, I'll help her close up in a flirtatious manner. She laughed and said I was really funny with a smiley face. I said who's being funny with a smiley face and that's the last text I've received from her. I saw her a couple of days later at my leasing office where she works because I'm moving out and I gave my notice. I noticed her looking at me as I walked in the door but as soon as I made eye contact she looked away, and while I was talking to her she seemed very stand off-ish as if she was upset with me, that was the last interaction I've had! I have no idea where I went wrong, I want this girl back badly! I don't know if I came on too strong and seemed needy or if I pissed her off with that who's being funny text treating her as if she was easy or something. Or maybe she is back with her ex who she broke up with three months ago, I really need some advice on how to get her back!


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  • Hey , chill out Bro...

    According to me,things are lil' bit over analysed by you buddy...

    Maybe she's upset with other things and doesn't want to mess up things with you..

    just give her sometime alone Bro...

    wait a week or two.. Don't send any text message or voice call...

    probably she'll contact you in this time but if she won't, then just send her a random text asking her how she is ? and ask her if something's wrong because I'm worried a bit about you : / ?

    this will do the trick.. :)

    hope this helps Bro... good luck ^_^

    • Hey, thanks for BA :)

    • Hey you earned it bro! You called it, I needed to not over analyze it. She got a hold of me; the reason for the fallout is she got promoted to leasing manager.

      Thanks again!

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  • It might be that you made her mad with the text. Text her and tell her you didn't mean to make her mad that you're no good with texting. It could be the boyfriend one. Ask her out right. Lay your cards on the table. TALK TO HER IN PERSON. Bring her a gift (Jewelry. Earrings not a ring because that sends a different signal.) Be 100% honest, the thing that messes up relationships in the first year are mostly communication misunderstandings.

  • It seems that she really can't stand you moving out that's why she's giving those signs now.