Do you think she is trying to get me to meet her son? HELP!

My supervisor has a son my age, that I get the feeling she wants me to meet even though she hasn't come out and said it because I guess she can't while I'm still her student/she is my supervisor. (I am going to be done with my internship in a week, but have been there since august). Anyway, she gives little hints like, "I should have invited my son tonight" at this banquet she asked me to go to with her, and asked me if I had any prospects a few weeks ago, and I told her how mom and dad are always trying to play matchmaker and when they do that I'm so stubborn I go the other way from what they tell me. She was like, "My son said the exact same thing! I do that to him and he says that!"

At the banquet, we started talking about guns, since I hunt and shoot/own guns, and she wants to learn how to shoot a gun, so I told her she should come down to my hunting land and I would teach her and she was like, "That would be good, when could we go? My son has all these guns. He would love that." And she kept on, "Now, when can we go?" and was going through the weekends all of us could go. I could be reading too much into it, but when she says, "I should have invited my son" and shows me pictures of him and talks about how him. Do you think she is trying to get us together without being too obvious since she is my supervisor? or am I reading to o much into it? HELP!

SO, our suspicions were correct! On my last day yesterday, I told my best friend there my suspicions and she said she told her many times whoever gets me as a daughter in law is lucky and she wants her son to meet me. And she gave me a gift on my last day
Would it be bad to add him as a friend on facebook? she said he was excited to go...maybe just send him a message and say hey? would this be weird?


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  • I think her hints are as obvious as an anvil to the head. She's sounds like she's dying to see you guys together. You should be flattered that she holds you in such high regards - sounds like she's very enthusiastic about him meeting you.

    Though I understand how awkward it can be to be "matched", I'm sure she only has the best intentions for the both of you. And I can tell you're reluctant to go through with this. Try explaining to her that you enjoy your freedom and don't plan on being in a relationship for some time (though I don't know if that's really the case). We both know that probably won't deter her from trying; she'll tell you that "Just meeting him won't hurt a bit", or "Just give it a chance - never say never!" Lol.

    Would it hurt to meet him for a cup of coffee and explain to him that you're not interested for whatever reason? That way, you've made the effort, he knows how you feel - and you can go shooting with your supervisor without worrying about her showing up with your blind date. She's just trying to help you guys in her own way.

    Good luck.

    • I am open to meeting him. I think the world of her and she is like my second mom, so I am open to it. She was like, "I am really going to miss you. You will have to let me know what you are doing" so I guess she does like me/wants to keep in touch, but I just couldn't tell if she was trying to get us together

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  • It wouldn't hurt to just meet him. After all he has his own gun, so he's locked and loaded. I'm kidding lol.

    Seriously, what have you got to loose? It's obvious you get along with your supervisor somewhat, so meeting her son shouldn't be so bad.

    • Thanks, yeah I just couldn't tell if she was trying to get us together or if I was just misreading everything ya know?

  • Not at all, I think he'd enjoy that. ;)


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