Women: is going out for drinks a good date?

is it that some women prefer going to a bar or lounge for a date and some don't. or that girls would go to a bar or lounge with some guys but would prefer something else with other guys.

should going out for drinks at night be a first date or a second date? or is it a bad idea altogether?

also, do you assume the guy just wants to go there to get you drunk and have sex (not my intention) or do you see it as a fun way to unwind?

i don't mean a manly sports bar with bikers and old men.

i mean a more modern chic more loungey type place with neon lights and stuff


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  • Hey!

    I would say that going out for drinks is probably not the best first date idea...In my experiences all guys that have taken me out for drinks on a first date have tried taking me to their place afterwards...although those might not be your intensions, if the girl has had similiar experiences to mine, then she might feel that you just want sex from her; thus she will probably have her guard up. If you wanna go for drinks then I suggest maybe Starbucks or a coffee shop or even ice cream is a great first date :) drinks is good for second date or even later :)

    Please answer my question?

    Thanks :)

    • link me to your q.

      also, yeah, so like a lounge or something would be good for a second or third date but not first. yea she should know me before we go out for drinks.

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  • Personally,I think going out for just drinks is boring and so over done.BUT...I also understand why people do it because it can be inexpensive,and if its going bad...you can bail quickly.For a first date,I wouldn't think he was trying to get me drunk unless he was absolutely trying to get me drunk.People loosen up a bit when they drink so...its not a bad thing...

    But if a guy attempted to do something different,he would earn a bunch of points with me for sure.

    • yea, its good to loosen up - not just looking for sex. but your right. it is a bit cliche. so if he took you somewhere a little different like an arcade, ice skating or a museum, it would be better?

    • Yes,your choices are totally better.I think a museum,arcade etc allows for two people to loosen up without alcohol...to actually have some fun and let their guards down.I think the whole idea of "having a drink" actually puts more pressure than necessary on both people.But I think other activities feel more like two people just hanging out having a good time,laughing and joking.I wish more guys would aim for more interesting things to do on dates.

  • If you wanted to get drinks, I would make it a drinks and appetizers type of date at an actual restaurant. Personally I don't like bars or the setting. My boyfriend and I went to a sports bar and grille and it was way too loud. I don't know, the setting just wasn't intimate enough for me.

  • it would be OK if so many guys didn't think of it as a way to get sex

  • Yes it is


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