Would you date or be in relationship with a person who has lots of debts?

Would you date a person who has lots of debts? Why or why not? Add to the equation, so far most of the debts are current with no outstanding bills, though in the past has had some bad credit due to loss of income,

To make it easier to compute :-

Income : $48,000 after taxes (More than half of all US households earn this much per annum)

Debts :-

Car : $30k

House (Mortgage over 30 years) : $320k for a house that is worth $300k max.

Credit and store cards : Over $50k

Medical bills : $20k+

If you date this person, he/she will expect you will be moving in so you could help contribute towards the bills in the house. Most likely the credit card debts will continue to rise in the coming years while the rest may or may not reduce.

Therefore... would you date such a person especially if your financial situation is vastly different?


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  • On two conditions.

    1. I don't assume ANY responsibility for the debt.

    2. She STILL has to contribute just as much as I do to the bills

    • In most cases though you won't be directly paying for the debt, indirectly you will be contributing towards it as most likely she will tell you she has no money to go on a date thus you end up paying the full cost of the entire date for both of you rather than for her to pay her share.

    • true. I don't mind paying for dates, as long as I don't have to take care of her like a kid overall

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  • Honestly it would depend. If its from a previous marriage or drugs or something no. Bc my mom dated my dad and he's still in debt and I see how much trouble it causes. But if its hospital bills or something carrying over from before they werr 18 then yes bc thats the situation im in and I would hate for someone not to date me bc of something I can't control.


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  • Depends what your after. Do you want just a fun woman to hang out with or a serious relationship? Don't kid yourself, that debt will be yours if the relationship ever becomes something and debt like that already says a lot about someone. If your after something long term then don't waste your time. If not, it really has no bearing on the situation.

    • Well the context of the question is towards long term relationships.

    • Then you have your answer. I'm a firm believer that there are a lot of fish in the sea and if you have your life together save your time to pursue someone who is also thinking on the long term because this woman is obviosly not.

  • No.

  • As long as I don't assume or take part in repaying her debts, I would consider dating her.