I thought I was over her, but now not so sure.

Ok long story short, me and this girl started talking and got really close. We hangout and talk/text all the time. When I told her How much I liked her she gave me the "she just wants to be friends" thing. I was pretty heartbroken for a while. But we still continued to talk but not as much. (This lasted for a. Couple weeks) so yesterday she asked me to hangout, (we went to the gym and got something to eat.) I had a really good time and she texted me saying that afterward too. I really thought I was getting over her and started to accept our friendship. But last night when I got home we were still texting, and I steadily started to think about her more. When I went to sleep she is literally all I dreamed about. And now I just feel like complete sh*t and don't know what to do.


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  • You I can tell are a great catch! Please ease her out of your life before you get more hurt. And no you can't hang out with her. This way you can get over her. Please don't become a player or anything stay sweet! I absolutely love a man that isn't afraid of his feelings! <33


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  • You need to respectively make no time for her. You can still be a gentleman but try to also keep your texting sessions short and meaningful.

    Good sir you have just felt the sting of being friend zoned.

    Be true to yourself to move on.

  • It seems she's getting interested in you now. Try to ask her out again.

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