Was he not serious to begin with or is it possible he's used to me?

I'm 17 and he's 16, we are sorta friends from a year ago who reunited and sparks flew.

The thing is, the night he basically admitted to me they flew, and then a couple days later were so passionate. We kissed, cuddled, hung out etc. He told me he loves me, was a actually a very deep person, was very romantic and it seemed genuine, we kissed and he seemed a bit experienced but he complimented me a lot.

Then Tuesday I guess we hung out, and well I went to his band concert and he acted weird. Like he chose for us to be alone, even though it seemed like he wanted to be around his friends. He seemed stressed out, and not affectionate. He acted weird when other guys talked to me, like holding my hand more etc. But aside from that he acted really stoic and stressed out. I said something sweet to make him grin though.

We went back to his place, and I only went cause his sister invited me. However I wish I never had, it seemed like we were trying to constantly hide or sneak away from his mother (who I am under impression was giving him a hard time) she ended up saying I had to leave and he kept saying sorry etc.

he told that night though that one night his mom cornered him and had a sex talk about how she would not support him. He acted like sex was a bad idea and I told him myself its not something I want right now. etc. He also never acts impulsive and covers my shirt even when we kiss if it rides up.

We seem very innocent when kissing cuddling, rolling around. I love it.

He's been so gentlemanly to me its wonderful, and he acts so sweet and stuff.

However ever since Tuesday, and I even asked him about it but he said she was fine. Well its been weird, yeah he texts me saying hello or hi babe but its like he doesn't act flirtatious in his texts like he sorta was? I'm the one who said good night for the past couple nights anyway, and last night he forgot even and didn't even say sweet dreams...

Also, he doesn't seem as psyched as he was to hang out? We were gonna hang out and I had to cancel Friday so he said Saturday was cool, but now he has to babysit or something. I said fine I understand, I'm always fine with him if he has to go or something cause I don't want to get him in trouble or be clingy.

It just seemed so coincidental I guess, and I even sent him a remark that morning (he usually intiates texting so I decided to do it to be affectionate, and I told him he was the best) he acted like he liked it also. And we both play argued who was awesome, I told him he was awesome for being so understanding since I couldn't hangout and then he said no I was awesome?

ANd when he had to cancel plans I said "its fine, we can hangout again sometime I understand" He said glad to hear.

But its weird, I know we talked late but he didn't even say goodnight or anything. And he's babysitting all day?

I don't mind waiting on him or letting him do his own thing, but is he acting less sweet and flirtatious cause he's using me or knows I won't get mad?


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  • It seems that he was given a good talk by his mom, and he's just distraught at the moment. Try to spend more time with him in person, and surely, his flirtatious side will come back again.

    • Yeah but he won't tell me if she did and I asked him and said sorry. We also only hangout on weekends but today he's stuck babysitting and I don't want to just invite myself over again all rudely or something? I am seriously trying but I don't want to appear clingy I guess or annoying?

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    • Can I just invite myself over like that? Stupid question but wouldn't that be rude I guess? Idk

    • That's why you need permission first.

      Text him something like, "I'm really interested in the child you're babysitting. Want me to accompany you?"

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  • I'm not going to read your novel, but the fact that he's 16 and you're 17 is very disturbing, especially to ask such question. You're both under 18. Stop it and focus on school.

    • We very much are actually, he's a really mature guy and knows a lot both book wise and common sense wise. We actually have long drawm out discussions on certain topics, and he knows tons on chemistry and mathmatics. I homeschool and he is getting accepted into a specialized boarding school. This isn't that we are focusing on ourselves, its just my own insecurities I am venting on a websites specificully meant for it. My first relationship, and I am I'm unsure...

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