Boyfriend seems a bit detached.

Lately my boyfriend of 7 months seems more detached than usual. Usually he calls or texts me to see how I'm doing, if I need anything, or just to ask how my day is/was. I usually answer right away but sometimes I'll answer later due to being busy.

Lately he hasn't put in the same amount of effort. He hasn't texted me in two days. I'm now always the first to text him. He hasn't called either, which is somewhat normal since he usually texts because he knows I prefer that.

His texts aren't as enthusiastic/"happy." He doesn't use smiley faces as often, or haha's. Sounds silly but that's how I know he's happy. Some of his texts are also short, 1-2 sentence replies which isn't normal of him.

Because of exams and work I have been stressed, tired, and exhausted. I have been calling and texting him less because of my busy schedule, I've also been replying a tad later to his texts. Is his detachment just a reaction to this?

I feel like he's losing interest, but at the same time it doesn't seem like it. 2 nights ago we were talking about our summer plans. He didn't seem as enthusiastic but he hasn't blown me off or canceled.

Would you guys/girls keep talking about summer plans if you intend on ending things with someone?


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  • Seems like you're pulling away, so he is doing the same to protect himself. Just because you're busy that doesn't mean you have to be less affectionate, close, etc.

    He's still making plans or intends on following through, so he's probably still into you, just scared.

    • That's what I feel is going on. I've just been so busy with school and work that I don't have time for anything else

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  • He's not getting detached. Perhaps, the stress you're feeling clouds your mind from the possible positive signs.


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  • Well it is my thoughts that some guys don't care about texting they aren't into it like girls. My boyfriend tells me I over text him and ain't no wAy he gonna read all them messages. If he ever sends a text its one or two words. Us girls like talking sometimes to much. Guys show their love with actions while us girls show our love with are words. I don't know what texting is suppose to be like in the beginging of a relationship since me and my guy got together before that stuff...I hate that we have texting now cause when I feel alone I text people wAy to much.