Just met a girl, and she isn't responding. Was my last text bad here?

Question describes the situation. I gave my number to a cute cashier and she actually did text me :) but she didn't respond to my last text...here's the end of the conversation. Did I screw up? The only reason I texted her so much and pushed was because 1) she texted me two hours after I gave her my number which I thought indicated high interest so my idea was to "strike while the iron is hot" ya know? and 2) because her area code was from Illinois and our semseter is over in a week so if I waited days to call her to ask her out, it'd be too late. anyway...

Her: Wow ha ha yeah that doesn't sound fun in the slightest. I'm actually going home to Illinois this summer!

Me: I might just end up winging it haha. You live anywhere close to Chicago? I should be going there with my sis in the summer!

Her: I'm like an hour and a half outside the city, but if you're coming from mn I'm on the way. I'm right off of 90 :)

Me: ha ha maybe we'll stop by and say hi. Before you go back, we should definitely get together :) hopefully we can find time soon...

Anything bad in my last text? Her first 4 or so texts all had a question in them, but those last two from her were the only ones without a question. I know I didn't ask a question, but I'm sure she should respond if she wanted to hang out.

The only thing is that earlier she told me she is relaxing before her second job tonight at a restaurant. So maybe she's already working there? I don't know...I sent my last text at 3 PM so I doubt that's the "night" shift already. Any thoughts?

Thanks again :)

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Btw, I'm not worrying. I'm just a tad bored now taking a study break so I thought I'd find a site to ask a random question on haha. This feels weird... :P
Well, she responded haha. So you all can totally forget about this question :P


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  • Well I am glad you aren't worried, it seems like a pretty relaxed situation. Kudos for the text back, but I really wouldn't read into the whole "there's a question in all but her last two". Texting always comes off wrong! Just be patient, and if you want, just go ahead and text her again in a day or so :)

    • I just included the info about her asking questions because it made her seem interested to start. Everything seemed great until the end there. Did I come off too strong and scare her off by already saying we should get together? I'd hope not :/

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    • She didn't answer. I called her a couple days later to talk, and asked her if she wanted to go for a run with me but she was busy with a take home exam... she said maybe later in the week. So I just texted her now, but I won't mention hanging out.

      She's really confusing me...

    • Wow this girl must have REALLY made an impact on you! I think she's just got a lot going on!

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  • You're over thinking things. She'll respond definitely.