Is my ex trying to see if I'll get jealous?

Ex broke up with me & went back to his ex they broke up again. He ran into me after no contact for 8 months, we talked for awhile he asked if I would want to try dating take baby steps & see where it goes.we moved to fast before instant relationship. I said we could give it a try . We went out to dinner then for drinks& one of his friends show up, I was irritated & asked why he can not just be me & him when we go out, he was mad & I left. I text him that Sunday about his work keys he left in my car. His response was leave me alone I'm on a date. Monday he stops by says he was being a jerk. I told him I don't want to date him that I don't feel he is interested in getting to really know me but don't want hatred Because we have mutual friends. He says "I get it". Then goes on to tell me how great this girl he went on a date with she's like no one he's met before , she knows what she wants in a husband ,how she wants to take him here & there , go camping in July ,she's a girlie girl doesn't like to get dirty(he's a mechanic )basically nothing like me. I said that's great hope it works out for you I wasn't going to show I was hurt. He says I don't know where this is gonna go or even work out she has a certain lifestyle & little quirks & only 30 which scares him. I said good luck everyone deserves to be happy. Last night I'm at our mutual friends party at a bar he comes up makes small talk then says this broad is killing me another 2:30 am night, I said then say something ,he says but I want to get to know her . I told him why do you keep sayin stuff about her to me are you trying to convince me or yourself you wanna get to know her, he said you always do this to me you have issues I left shortly after. Our friend called me next day told me he's been at that bar every night Because she's a waitress there & took off work to sleep. Why does he keep throwing her up in my face ? I'm not gonna show it bothers me & I know he can't afford taking off work he was just off a week Because of no work, who talks about future dates & husbands on first date. I don't understand him being mean to me ?


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  • He's not trying to get you jealous at all. He's really attracted to the waitress.


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