Girls, when a guy misses a kiss, what do you think?

Like if you have a great date or meet someone you want to kiss you

and then he doesn't when you say goodnight,

what do you think?

do you think: man he's got no testicles, what a loser?

I know there's times when a kiss is called for or OK and I feel that I always miss them and then go for a hug when a kiss is more appropriate.

Is a guy who misses a kiss totally out of the running? (not getting another chance?)

myself I sometimes see opportunities and then I feel like I know I'm messing up because I can't tell whether it's OK or not and then I hate myself for not taking the chance.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Personally, I think it's attractive when a guy shows self-restraint. It's like you leave us wanting for more! Knowing me, I am usually the first one to initiate the kiss when I really want it, so if I ever missed the chance I would probably be thinking that I am the loser.


What Guys Said 1

  • I always thought of it as a guessing game. if she is bright energetic fun, flirty, all types of outgoing features, then I would kiss her after a date since she probably isn't shy. different or shyer girls on

    the other hand might need a little more time. If you're not good at guessing though (Which I don't blame you for) then here's something my father taught me.

    Subtly extend your arms out sorta like your going for a hug, if she extends her arms out and quickly goes for it fully just take the hug, maybe you can get a rebound kiss after. if she slowly walks maybe getting ready for a kiss then go for it.

    in all honesty though, if you both had a great date, you talked a lot, enjoyed each others company, then I think going for the kiss would be better then anything. its just a gamble, and the odds are better in your favor the better the date

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