Met up with girl off dating website, clicked amazing night, wanted to meet up again, no reply?

Met up with a girl other night, picked her up had really good time went to beach and that had a long chat about loads of things. She seemed quite like hard faced to start off with and wouldn't open up. Then in the end she did, seemed so strange first time meeting, and was like we were going out. Anyway she said to me before I said anything she wanted to meet up again, we went back to mine and she tried it on with me, we had sex and stuff. Everything was good even in the morning etc. Dropped her off had a kiss, I sent her a text consisting off.

I had a really good time last night; don’t think it could have gone any better, Look forward to seeing you again.

No reply’s, so I sent her another message saying" you definitely left your mark, bite marks and scratches and she put "decent x" this is the only reply I have had from her since then. I just said how are you? She read it and I just said interested still? She read but no reply.

Doesn't make sense to me, she only slept with one other person, a christian and apparently her it was her ex was abusive.

Let me know you thoughts and if you want to know anything else


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  • You need to let this one go. She apparently has her own issues that she needs to work out & is not interested enough to continue seeing you or responding to you. Go out with some other women from the site and just move on. You barely know this girl, so you have no idea of knowing what is going on with her. But you do know that she isn't into you enough to respond to your text messages.


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  • You have already let her know you're interested in seeing her again, so the ball is in her court at this point. Based on what you have described so far, it doesn't sound like she has any interest in seeing you again.

  • It seems that she's just up for a casual hookup.

    Move on.


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