Guys why would you join a millionaires dating website?

And it's not the kind where they hook up rich people with rich people.

When I moved to New York for college, I also had a contract with a modeling agency and I thought some extra photos for my portofolio wouldn't hurt. The agency made professional pictures for free, so that's the main reason I joined.

Modelling and school, didn't really work out for me, but I'm still stuck in that contract for another year. It says I have to go on a date at least twice a month and I do. But I don't expect to actually find someone

Until now, I've been out with this guy thrice already and he's actually great. A bit older (31) but I can live with that. And I'm going to an all girls school so dating is hard.

What really bothers me though is why he would join a website like that when he is , as he said, looking for a genuine relationship? It doesn't really add up, I always though men want girls to not care about money at all?


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  • Lots of rich guys I think see their wealth as part of their appeal, especially if they have made their money themselves. If they feel they have earned it, that it reflects and represents good qualities they have like their tenacity and intelligence, then it is as natural to them to see their wealth as a factor in their attractiveness as it is for someone to see their good looks as part of their attractiveness.

    Either that or its a purely pragmatic thing.


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  • That's because he want a quality life and a quality girl.

    Millionaires website will bring you such people, though there's a slim chance.


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  • that's just sad. it's an easy way for pervy guys to get laid

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