Can I get some advice from Christians only please?

Thank you for reading this. I really need some guidence from other christ followers and doing it on here is a long shot.

So I met this girl at my youth group last summer and we started talking (texting). We have now been talking for 8 months, and I really really like her. she is beautiful inside and out, and she's everything I could ever ask for in a girl. she's currently 15 and I just turned 17. she's not allowed to date and she also made a commitment to god she won't date till she's 16, and I've respected that. I asked her dad if I could take her to my prom and her mom and dad decided that she could go with me. We both really like each other, but always really awkward in person, so I figured this would be a good way to start talking in person and stuff. well prom didn't go too well. she got kinda sick because of how nervous she was, and we left really early and I could barely get a hug out of her. it was kind of a bust. when she got home she told her brother (a good friend of mine) that she thought she like me but not anymore. this kinda hurt. I didn't talk to her all week and I got this text message a mile long telling me that she was sorry prom wasn't good, and she feels like god's telling her that we weren't meant to be together. this really hurt me, because for the last several months, god put on my heart that if I wait until she's old enough and is ready to date, she will be totally worth it. I've stayed true to this and haven't talked to any other girls, and praying things will be great between us. even though she said this to me, I still feel like she will be worth waiting for, but god is telling her something different. do you think she lied? why is god telling us differnt things? thank you so much I apritiate it!


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  • I think that her being 15 (immature) is playing a role in this as well. Keep it platonic until she is 16 and then try again, perhaps? Sometimes, for those less mature, one thing goes wrong that they had been looking forward to (prom) and they take it to mean the entire relationship is doomed. You do have to deal with her immaturity as a factor here. 15 year old girls are not always the most mature.

    Maybe her being sick was God's way of telling you that you aren't ready to be together right now and you should wait until later. If you truly believe she is the one for you, and that God is telling you that it'll happen, then it'll happen. You cannot rush these things.

    • God is awesome! That was literally almost exactly what my youth pastor told me tonight :' ). So why do you think she told me that God was telling her he has different plans?

    • Maybe she needs to concentrate on something other than a relationship right now. 15 is still quite young, you know.

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  • Clearly god is lying to one of you.

    • Clearly you don't know God.

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    • I don't think He would lie, especially because that's one of his only 10 rules. this is also why I'm confused he told her this though. Why don't you believe in Christ? you don't have to answer if you don't want.

    • well, one, Christ doesn't matter, he isn't God.

      and further, all the mixed messages...

      There what, like 32 types of Christian...

  • She told you she didn't like you... I don't think you can really do much else. Respect her decision.

    • i just talked to my youth pastor today. he knows us both very personaly, and he told me not to give up on her that easy. and what about the things I'm hearing form God?

    • So god is telling you to incessantly persue a girl who does not want you to? I think you're being selfish; you're only thinking of your desire to be with her. What about her desire not to be with you?

      If you didn't want to be with someone would you want them to keep after you?

      There is nothing women hate more than when guys do this to us. It makes us feel like they only see us as a possession. Respect her decision. Let her come to you. If god wants her to be with you she will be.

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  • She's just trying to tell you that she's not ready to have a relationship with you and she's just rejecting in simple words.