If a girl you just met but has a boyfriend seems to enjoy texting you whenever you text her, is she interested?

or just being nice? I mean we barely know each other so we're not really "friends". she uses ?! or ! a lot to show enthusiasm. she wouldn't bother texting back if she wasn't interested since since our schools really big and we wouldn't run into each other so no point of being nice to someone you're not interested in.

what dou think?


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  • Hmmm ... well I had just about the same thing happen to me too. This crush who I've known for 2 years has finally told me of how she feels, that she really likes me too. However when we first met we were both in our respective relationships. We did end up messaging each other a lot over the years and she even told me that when she broke up with her ex "She wants me".

    I think it all depends on the attraction and how available you make yourself seem.

    For now I think you should just avoid contact with this girl, or keep minimal contact and make her chase you. Since she's in a relationship already you don't want to get too involved for your own well-being.

    If she is truly attracted to you she will make you know when she does eventually break up with her current BF.


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  • It's kind of hard to tell without more information, but... she could have a boyfriend, but still think you're attractive. How did you start texting each? Did you ask for her number, or did she give it to you?

    PS: Could you go answer my latest question, too? It's the "Did I do anything wrong" one :P

    • its in my previous quesitons ha ha coiuld you look at those too? thanks

      um we used to email because we were in some class together I asked for her number via email.

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    • no idea about the boyfriend also they started going out recently I think? I just asked if she wanted to hang out. so do I just forget about her?

    • in that case, I would... if she ever breaks up with her boyfriend, you could try again, but in the meantime, there are plenty of girls out there :)

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  • If that were the case, I would just assume that she's just being nice.

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