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Dealing with an ex drunk texting me saying stupid sh**

So me and my ex were together for over a year and broke up over a month ago, we were still talking hanging out trying to be friends, we even tried dating again for a week but he broke up with me. I was heartbroken and was trying to get him to try again Because we supposably started over he wasn't wanting to try anymore; he said he'd rather be friends than lose everything and he said that he loved me to much to completely lose me and that we didn't work out. So I asked if we could talk and he said yea; I was hoping to change his mind.

But I thought about it and I couldn't bare staying friends and seeing him move on one day while I was still in love with him. And I told him I just couldn't even though I wanted him in my life. I told him if I didn't have feelings than yea but that wasn't the case. So we said our goodbyes and it was mainly us arguing about every fight we ever had and him cursing at me calling me names. And he said he didn't love me and that he had no feelings at all for me anymore. When three days prior he was talking about cake toppers for our wedding and how much he loved me.

So I go about my life heartbroken it ended so messy and that I'll never see or speak to him. I resisted the urge to text him or contact him and I was growing stronger everyday and becoming less heartbroken and started healing. After almost 2 weeks he texts me while I was at work. He texted me that he was drunk as f**k. I told him not to text me. And then he starts going off. He's told me he's happy I'm gone and that he'll never let another b**ch come between him and his friends who he calls family. And that he has his sissy back aka another one of his ex's who caused us problems. She texted him saying she wanted him back while we were together and I found out he still had feelings for her. But our relationship crumbling was apparantly my fault.

But when we were together and doing good he could care less about her and called her a bitch and blocked her on Facebook. I was drinking one day and was lite and rambling; awhile back we made a deal that he couldn't have new girls on Facebook unless family or dating family and same went for me and guys but with me being drunk I blurted out "f*** that deal we should make a new one, we can have friends just no ex's, f*** the ex's" He just laughed and said that worked for him. After we had our falling out he said he never wanted to see or speak to me again. But fastforward two weeks later he's telling our mutual friend to pass a message to me telling me to f*** off. She didn't like that and told him off, saying I've left him alone and he still feels the need to pass me a message instead of contacting me? Later that night is when he started drunk texting me. He's said his goodbyes to me and never wanted to see or speak to me and told me to f*** off. So why is he texting me after all this time? Is he looking for a reaction? He said he don't love me but is what he's doing prove otherwise?
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Me and my ex were so in love with each other we were planning on getting married, he was looking at rings and wedding cake pictures and wanted kids

*My ex don't drink either but told me he's been drunk three weeks straight.*

And that ex of his lives five hours away and is now in a relationship with some guy with a baby on the way.
Dealing with an ex drunk texting me saying stupid sh**
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