How Much space should I give her?

we used to text everyday, she would send me pics etc. etc. and she would always be the first one to text me. then like two days ago, she text me, we texted back for a bit then she ignored my text. Haven't tried contacting her since, but I see she likes my twitter stuff. I honestly miss talking to her, but I'm gonna try giving her the cold shoulder to show her I don't need her in my life, just want her in it. how much space is too much, how much is too little?


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  • shes trying to make you talk to her instead of her starting the conversation all the time. she's trying to see if you care about her enough to start the conversation first.


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  • Look, if you're contacting each other every day and one of you lapses one day, it's no big deal. It's not healthy to be so chained to our phones anyhow.

    If one of you lapses several days, then something's up. I'd say "cold shoulder" is going to stay cold when she figures you're just not into her and moves on. Best is to calculate how often you USUALLY text each other and multiply that number of days by 2 to initiate "back off" protocols.

    So if you call every day, skip a day then call again, so it's not apparent that there's anything specifically wrong. Do it again and see what happens. Only space things out further if you see that she is not responsive.

    This way, if she's not responsive you're not addicted to contacting her every day.


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  • She doesn't want you to give her space. She wants you to chase for her.