Just friends after mutual breakup. Do I text him?

I've been dating this guy for over a month, but we both decided to just be friends for now as of last night. He told me to text him whenever I wanted, also if I wanted to hang out with him, but I'm so used to texting him everyday, so should I text him today as a friendly conversation or should I wait, or not text him at all? I am still into him, he's into me, but his upbringing drags him and makes it impossible for him to feel okay in a relationship.


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  • He might feel really rejected if you don't text him at all. Send him a noncommittal message just to show you aren't walking out of his life for good.

    As a friend, you can try to get him to deal with the block you say he has.

    • I did as you suggested and he replied in a matter of minutes. We held a 5 hour text convo and talked the same way we always do, but then he suddenly stopped and hasn't replied since, I don't know why. It's confusing and I still have feelings for him, so this is just that much harder and it's hard to read.

    • 5 hours? Maybe he just got tired! And remembered you aren't boyfriend/girlfriend any more.

      Now he knows you're still communicating with him and itmakes him feel more secure.

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  • If you're not wanting to be friends but are trying to keep contact with him so he changes his mind, you're gonna be disappointed. I wouldn't text every day, but I don't text anyone everyday.

  • After Seinfeld breaks up with yet another woman...

    GILLIAN: Friends? Just friends?

    JERRY: Yeah.

    GILLIAN: Yeah. All right. Well, do you still want to see a movie later?

    JERRY: I wish I could, but, we're friends..

    Hahaha. Don't text him. You're just friends now.

    • It's confusing though because he text me yesterday, but he is the one who wanted to end the relationship and be "just friends" and still hang out. I still have feelings for him and I would still like to be around him, so I don't know what to do.

  • You're on friendly terms now so you text him whenever you want it.


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  • So you don't REALLY want to be friends, if you want to be more . . . Right now, he can't offer that to you. I would say, let it be. Focus on something else and if he wants to call you he will. If you do text to say hello how are you, I would wait at least a week. Give him some time to sort through his feelings.

  • I would text him one really friendly message, that lets him know you still want to be his friend. Just be really cool and say Hi, be friendly. That puts the ball in his court. You did your part. After the one text I would wait for him to respond.

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