When he stops texting...?

My crush and I just resently started talking, and he started to talking to me. He told me he was also interested in me. We texted all last night and all today, he even walked me to class and hugged me. But now he has suddenly stopped texting me. I texted like an hour and a half ago, and got no answer. So, I I.M.ed him on Facebook, because my phone is retarted and sometimes doesn't send text. It shows that he read the message, but he han't replied and he is still online... He read it right after I sent it. What is going on?

The thing is, I seen him after school, and he told me to text him, but he texted me first instead! We were texting and then I said "How was your day?" and he never replied.


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  • Welcome to my life for the last two months! lol This is a problem with me and the guy I like, like every other day. I have to remember that he's just busy sometimes, and if I keep bugging him I'm going to annoy him. And guys don't put as high of importance on texting.

    Do your best not to worry, doubt, or get paranoid... which if you're anything like me, is impossible! lol

    • I kind of figured that was the thing, you kow, just busy. But then I seen that he had read my IM and didn't reply. But you are most likely right(: Thanks(: I'll let you know something soon!(:

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    • Well this is the first thing anything has happened to me like this. I have been crushing on this guy since the start of the school year! So it was really "AH! :D" When he added me and started talking to me. Guess I am just freaking out to much.

    • @ineedadvice nice try, but, he knows I'm already asleep and won't see the message until morning, plus, he's a "no-sex-before-marriage" kind of guy. We met at church =)

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  • It seems that he's just busy or gets upset with you. You should gauge his interest in you when you meet him in person again.

  • Be patient. He might me doing something or maybe je just wants to get back to you when he wants to, sometimes we get annoyed when she's like "come onnn, where are you"

    • If he doesn't answer me tonight, do I still text good morning like I normally do? or just wait till I see him durning the day and see how he acts?

    • Oh?

  • Nothing . Just be patient , if you annoy him he'll lose interest so . Wait !


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