The guy I would date with suddenly don't appear?

I met a guy in my job and he even works as a security in the bar I just started going to.. And I came to talk with him there also.

The conversations we have are always fun.

So Monday he came to my job again at the bakery store and he asked me to go out with him.

i said yes and we would meet the next day after I finish work.

(I thought I had to work from 6 morning till 2, but I had to work from 12 - 8 night)!

But once we start talking, it is hard to end the conversation..

And it was making my boss angry.

So I told the guy we can't talk much in my job because my boss gets mad.

So the day we were suppose to date I saw him outside the store. Around 3 o clock maybe..He did not came inside as he normally does! he went to the minimarket next to us and just drove away. I just don't understand?


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  • It seems that he just doesn't want to get you in trouble with your boss.


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