Ever had a lover change their mind overnight?

My ex was super persistent with me, so I decided to give him a chance and date him. We dated quite seriously for almost a year and I really started to fall in love with him. Close to the year mark, he just ended it almost overnight it seemed. He said he was getting scared and stressed out because this was first real relationship ever, and he could not handle it. There was no other girl, because we hung out for a few months after the breakup because we missed each other (no sex was involved).

Not only did he break up with me suddenly, I had to see him everyday at work, and on top of that, my best friend started dating his best friend and seem to be happy.

Anyway, I am still crying about this some nights even though its been almost a year. Anyone else had a significant other change their mind suddenly for no real reason? What does through their minds? Do they ever miss you eventually?


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  • That's why you never go back to relationships with your ex because this is the result.

  • Yeah twice.

    Got dumped randomly after several years and a great week that week

    Got dumped in a text message when at work. Lost my mind. Got fired.



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